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Modern Chic

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Modern Chic: elegance and luxury

The Modern Chic style exudes elegance and luxury. The refined finish and the mix of textures epitomise this decor living style. This stylish atmosphere is created by the use of rich materials such as marble, velvet, bouclé and wood. Of course, a touch of gold cannot be missing in this contemporary decor style and can be found in the accessories. In summary; the living style that turns every space into a rich ambience.

Rich materials in a modern chic living style

An elegant interior with a modern look requires rich contrasting materials. The natural material, marble, is a wonderful addition to a luxurious decor. Other natural materials that fit well in this decor style are linen (for example, processed in wallpaper) and high-quality finished wood in a trendy herringbone pattern. By using textured fabrics such as velvet, fur and bouclé, you add warmth to your home and create a lovely, homely atmosphere. Finally, there is a lot of brass in the home accessories, lighting and finishing of the furniture.

“By choosing a beautiful combination of different shades, structures and materials, ranging from dark to light, you create an interior that radiates warmth and tranquillity.”

The colours in a modern chic interior

A Modern Chic interior is characterised by a warm colour palette, accentuated with light natural tones. Basic colours such as beige, black and brown are alternated with taupe, dark green, indigo blue and old rose. Keep your palette surprising by adding accessories in seasonal colours. Would you rather go for a single basic colour? You can! This decor style lends itself perfectly to the ton sur ton trend. Here, you choose a palette of colours, consisting of one basic colour.

Styling Tip

Choose a Modern Chic wallpaper

The walls in a room truly sets the mood. Wallpaper is a stylish way to add lovely structure and give your home a whole new dimension. By choosing a wallpaper with a subtle to coarse structure, you create an interesting contrast with all luxurious materials and warm colours. With the Rivièra Maison wallpaper collection, you create the ultimate luxury feeling, and drape your walls in the finishing touch it needs!


Furniture in a Modern Chic interior

You can recognise Modern chic furniture by their refined finish, and the use of rich materials. Sofas and chairs in fabrics such as velvet and bouclé with glossy finished metal or wooden legs add an inspiring character to your space. You will also see many dining tables, sideboards and buffet cabinets in recycled wood with modern, tasteful details such as brass handles. Your interior comes to life through the right combination of materials and furniture, and you create the ultimate luxury feeling in your home.

Accessories in Modern Chic interior

A Modern Chic interior really comes to life with the right accessories. You add character and personality to your interior by using focus objects as accessories. Think of decorative cushions and throws in luxurious fabrics and elegant designs that are perfectly suited to dress up your sofa or bed. Add warmth by choosing eye-catching lights and candles. To complete the picture, vases with a lush bunch of flowers are an absolute must.

 Modern Chic in 3 different areas

The dining room

The dining table is the ultimate eye-catcher in the dining room. With the Modern Chic decor style: the bigger, the better. Choose a round, oval or long dining table with a metal or wooden base where you can sit comfortably at the table for hours. Add dining chairs in a single fabric for a stylish whole, or mix and match different chairs and materials for a playful look.

The living room

The heart of the house; the living room. Go for a sofa that reflects your and your family's personality. Big, compact, light or colourful, it's all possible. Combine modern and elegant furniture and don't be afraid to add colour. Go for a striking coffee table and opt for accessories with a golden trim to complete the look.

The bedroom

To make your bedroom a lovely environment where you can relax, there are a number of essential components. Of course, the bed is indispensable in the bedroom. For this decor style, choose a comfortable design with a striking headboard in velvet, for example. To achieve the ultimate hotel feeling, create a corner with a large armchair where you can relax or do some reading. Decorate the space with eye-catching lighting, warm decorative cushions and an elegant rug.

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