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Rivièra Maison Chateau Chassigny tablesRivièra Maison Chateau Chassigny tables

Château Chassigny

The tables in the Chateau Chassigny series effortlessly dominate the selection of dining tables and coffee tables. The inlaid pattern in the table top is inspired by antique castle floors. Available in many different sizes, from small and square to long and rectangular. This series consists of dining tables, coffee tables and end tables.

Why we love it

  • Made from recycled elm and pine wood
  • Inspired antique castle floors
  • Available in many different sizes

Rivièra Maison Le Bar American tablesRivièra Maison Le Bar American tables

Le Bar American

The tables of the Le Bar American series are made with a lot of love and craftsmanship from recycled oak, recycled ash and metal. The combination of wood and metal gives the table an industrial yet warm appearance and fits into any interior. The tables in this series are also an environmentally conscious purchase. This series includes side tables, coffee and dining tables.

Why we love it

  • Made from recycled oak and ash wood

  • Robust look

  • Available in different models

Rivièra Maison Bushwick tablesRivièra Maison Bushwick tables


The tables in the Bushwick series are made from recycled elm, beautifully incorporated into the top. This is aged elm wood, originating from used doors. This gives the wood a unique appearance. The bases are made of shiny stainless steel. Thanks to the timeless design of the Bushwick series, they will look beautiful in many different styles. This series consists of side tables, coffee and dining tables. 

Why we love it

  • Timeless design

  • Made from recycled elm wood

  • Available in different variants

Rivièra Maison Colombe tablesRivièra Maison Colombe tables


Fans of special woodwork, eat your heart out because the Colombe series is made of beautiful dark ash wood inlaid in a parquet pattern with a matte finish. The structures of the wood are therefore beautifully visible. The tables from the Colombe series have a removable serving tray, which can also be used separately. The Colombe-series consists of a side table, a coffee table and an end table.

Why we love it

  • Matte finish
  • Comes with a removable tray
  • Made of dark ash wood

Rivièra Maison Falcon Crest tablesRivièra Maison Falcon Crest tables

Falcon Crest

The tabletops of the Falcon Crest series are made of recycled oak, beautifully presented in diagonal strips in four artful squares that create a whole. The black metal base has four splayed legs giving strong support—a perfect table for any modern or industrial interior. The Falcon Crest series consists of coffee and dining tables in both rectangular and round shapes.

Why we love it

  • Made of recycled oak and metal

  • Industrial look and feel

  • Available in a rectangular and round shape

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