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Our Story

A vision is an idea with the power to become reality. Our idea is to create an internationally, successful interior brand. A brand with a strong perception, a way of life, where enjoyment is important.

We would like to present an interior brand which gives a wide public a ’feel good’ sensation. Exclusiveness, atmosphere and service are the key values here.


Exclusiveness can be achieved by designing the whole collection – over 3,000 articles – in house. Inspiration and ideas abound from the ’man behind Rivièra Maison, Henk Teunissen, who finds inspiration in major world cities as well as in rural Provence. Creating a collection which radiates warmth and exclusiveness is one of the pillars of Rivièra Maison.

Atmosphere and service

An absolute condition is that our products radiate style and atmosphere. A style and atmosphere which can be found in our shops. For this reason, a team of stylists works constantly on styling our shops so that they can inspire our clients. Eight times a year new products are added to the collection and therefore our shops undergo a complete renewal process. Last but not least, service and customer-orientation is high priority at Rivièra Maison. Just being good is not good enough!

How does the future look? Rivièra Maison plans to expand to become a strong brand and one of the most valued companies in the field of interiors, wherever they are in the world.

Rivièra Maison was founded on the Amsterdam Overtoom; Jacques and and Dini Teunissen opened a flower shop here on March 1st 1948. Their son Henk Teunissen became the owner in 1985. The brand grew rapidly opening new stores in The Netherlands. Nowadays Rivièra Maison has grown into an international interior brand with points of sale worldwide. 

Our exclusive collections are made with an eye for detail with materials that are "alive". The use of natural materials largely determines the unique appearance of our furniture and accessories. A knot on a table top or mouth-blown glasses that can vary slightly in height makes each product unique.