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Offers & campaign conditions

View the campaign conditions of the various offers of Rivièra Maison.

Campaign conditions current offers

Beware of fake promotions

Fake promotions via social media (Instagram, Facebook) as well as via personal email

Often there are win actions offered via social media channels or via e-mail, but not by Rivièra Maison itself. Think 'give-aways' of hundreds of euros worth of home accessories or a 'free' gift voucher. This is also called phishing, with this these parties want to keep your personal data, read more about phishing here. Do not take part in these fake promotions!

How do you recognise an official win action from Riviera Maison?

First of all, we only use news@email.riviera-maison.com as the sender for e-mails we send regarding promotions and other information. Promotions via social media channels are directly linked to the medium used; Facebook promotions link directly to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/rivieramaison or link through to our website www.rivieramaison.com. Riviera Maison will never send a text message about a win action or payments. If you are still in doubt about a win, please contact customer service, which can be reached on telephone number 020-72 32 199

Social media offers

Also follow Riviera Maison on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates from our many shops as well as new giveaways. Download Instagram and the Facebook app to follow us today. You can find us on both channels by searching for: Riviera Maison.

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