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- West Lake Cabinet -

The cabinet with exceptional details

The West Lake Cabinet is a stylish cabinet with a unique design, that fits into any interior! The tall cabinet has doors that are partly made of glass and partly of sturdy metal. The hinges give the cabinet an industrial look. The West Lake Cabinet is also brimming with exceptional details. For example, the cabinet has LED lighting, to highlight beautiful items. Because the cabinet shelves have a glass inlay, they let the light through beautifully. The West Lake is not only practical, but also a jewel for the living room!

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5th Avenue Cabinet

A new generous cabinet of 2.23 meters tall in the 5th Avenue series. The cabinet is made of dark stained recycled oak, with soft golden metal handles as a finishing touch. An ideal cupboard with plenty of storage space.

Oxford Library Cabinet Single

This cabinet made of old oak and poplar wood has a beautiful cottage look. The bottom of the cabinet is made with a rich webbing pattern. The parts above are made of glass. The cabinet consists of three stacked parts, which can also be positioned separately.

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