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- The Hoxton Series -

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Malleable and above all strong wood

The furniture manufactured for the Hoxton collection is made of ash wood. This type of wood has the characteristic of being very flexible and above all strong, so it can withstand knocks. Furthermore, the Hoxton is characterised by its beautiful flame markings that show through in the ash wood. One thing is for sure, the Hoxton collection matches any interior.

Which model is to your liking?

Where would you place the Hoxton?

In the dining room or perhaps in the bedroom? The Hoxton suits any room.

Why we love it

The Hoxton symbolizes a dynamic and overall elegant look, this is why we love it;

  • Suits any interior

  • Strong and malleable Ash Wood

  • Matt finish

  • Easy to clean

Stability and endurance in your interior

from studios, apartments to large houses

Buffet cabinet Hoxton (XL)

Available in different sizes (S, M, L and XL)

The Hoxton Cabinet is industrial yet warm thanks to the combination of recycled ash wood and metal. The metal doors slide open with the sturdy bars on the sides of the doors. The many shelves in the cabinet offer plenty of storage space, with two drawers in the middle to store valuables. 

Hoxton Sideboard

Sufficient storage space, many households lack it. A spacious cupboard can then provide the solution. This sideboard from the Hoxton collection certainly offers enough content, with a size of 175 by 90 centimetres and a depth of up to 40 centimetres. So the board games, candle collection or Christmas crockery are always within reach.

TV-Cabinet Hoxton

Available in different colours

Add a cool, modern piece of furniture to your interior with the Hoxton TV cabinet. This generous piece of furniture mixes solid ash wood with a natural look with black metal, for that rough, tough touch. The low sideboard has three sliding glass doors behind which you can store your electronics, for example.

Nightstand Hoxton

Available in a left and right side model

The bedside tables in the Hoxton series are available in both left and right versions and the difference has to do with the position of the handle. Like the other items in the Hoxton series, the cabinets are made of recycled ash wood, black-coloured iron and glass panels. Very strong and durable!

Bijzettafel Bushwick, set van 2

Tijdloos en klassiek: de Bushwick bijzettafels worden geleverd in een set van twee bijpassende bijzettafels. De tafels passen ook over elkaar heen. Wanneer je de tafel niet gebruikt, kan je de kleinere variant gemakkelijk onder de grotere schuiven. Ook deze tafel is gemaakt van het verweerde, rustieke iepenhout en hebben een strak onderstel van roestvrijstaal. 

Spiegel Bushwick

Verkrijgbaar in 90 x 60 CM en 200 x 80 CM

In de gehele Bushwick komt het iconische visgraatmotief terug. Naast tafels en vloeren zie je dit klassieke patroon ook terug in accessoires, zoals deze prachtige spiegel. Deze rechthoekige spiegel heeft een rand van oud iepenhout dat in visgraatpatroon is ingelegd. Net als de rest van de Bushwick familie, zijn de randen van roestvrijstaal. Naast praktisch is deze spiegel een ware eyecatcher in je interieur.