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The one evening a romantic dinner for two, the next having drinks with six, and the next morning having breakfast with a family of four: all at the same table. Rivièra Maison has a wide range of extendable tables for small and large groups!

Why we love it

We are fans extendabel tables, that's why we love it

  • Extendable for large groups
  • Made from recycled wood
  • Unique table tops

Wooster Street Dining Table

After years of success with the Wooster Street Bar Table and its sister coffee table, we now also have the Wooster Street Dining Table. Created when Puck, daughter of Henk and Saskia, left home for a small apartment where there was no room for a huge dining table, but there were often lots of dinner guests to accommodate. This beautiful handmade table of recycled elm wood is easy to fold in and out, so you can make more efficient use of the room.

Washington Dining Table Extendable

The Washington Dining Table Extendable is a solid table with lots of possibilities. You can easily adjust the table to three different sizes: from 2.3 meters long to as much as 3.5 meters. The top is made of recycled elm, wood from old Chinese doors. This makes every table unique. The sleek base is in stainless steel.

Which extendable table suits your interior?