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- The Pacifica Series -

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Neutral look

The neutral use of colour in the Pacifica collection ensures it fits into any collection. The look comes from the robust mango wood, which is sustainably harvested from India. As with the New Orleans collection, small hairline cracks may appear in the furniture during the acclimatisation process. Don't worry, this does not affect the quality of the furniture, but it will give your interior a super cool and, above all, attractive look.

Which model is to your liking?

How do you style the Pacifica collection?

Every space deserves an item from the Pacifica collection

Why we love it

A true standout in your interior, that's 'why we love it':


  • Solid mango wood as a material
  • Can take a beating
  • Classic, rugged appearance
  • Wide collection of beautiful products

A colour mix that belongs in any interior

From studios and apartments to houses

Buffet Cabinet Pacifica, XL

Meet the XL sideboard from the Pacifica series, executed in white wood with natural mango wood. The furniture in this series catches the eye with the shutters on the doors and drawers. The upper section features two door with glass and an open section. All doors close with a soft-close mechanism. This series offers different types of furniture.


Chest of Drawers

This is a cupboard with three drawers and a door, which makes it a useful piece of bedroom furniture, for example for your clothing. This cupboard is part of the Pacifica series. A striking line with furniture boasting a ‘shutter look’ of natural and white mango wood with a concealed handle and a soft-close mechanism. This series offers different types of furniture.


Wardrobe Pacifica

This is the wardrobe from the Pacifica series, a line with strikingly beautiful furniture of white painted wood and natural mango wood. What’s great about this wardrobe, is that it features a spacious hanger section in addition to ample space for stacking. And as always, the doors close with a smooth soft-close mechanism. This series offers different types of furniture.


Sideboard Pacifica

A sideboard is a must for any interior. Whether you put it in the living room, dining room or bedroom, this splendour comes into its own everywhere. This unit is made of mango wood, a durable type of wood. The sideboard is ideal for storing things. Through the closed doors you can store a lot of things that you would prefer not to have in sight.


Bed Cabinet Pacifica

The Pacifica series now includes bedroom furniture, such as this bedside table. This cabinet is made of mango wood in a natural colour with a white coating. The front boasts a shutter look and contains a door and a hidden drawer. Available for both the left and right-hand side.



Coffee table Pacifica

The Pacifica line is recognisable by its design with shutters and the use of mango wood. The natural mango wood in various shades gives each coffee table its own look. If you want to sit on the sofa with a snack and a drink or with your laptop, part of the top of this square Pacifica Coffee Table can be raised.

Storage bench Pacifica

A multifunctional bench, handmade of sustainable mango wood. The mango trees aren't chopped down until they've completely stopped producing their fruit. This gives the tree a second life in the furniture industry. The upholstery of this bench is made of cotton. The bench comes with incorporated storage space.

TV Cabinet Pacifica

This beautiful TV cabinet is functional and is also a real eye-catcher in your interior. This piece of furniture is made of mango wood, a durable type of wood. The TV cabinet has two doors and an open area. Through the closed doors you can store your belongings that you would rather not have in sight.