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Decorating your interior after the festive months

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Spick and span

After all that sociable cooking, dining and drinks during the festive season, it's time to completely change your interior design routine again. So put away your Christmas ornaments and your tree, and start off with a completely new style. Minimalist or comfy and cosy? Read more about how best to decorate your interior after the festive season.

The trend follower

Restful blue, that's the colour of the year 2023 too. It is a fresh but cool colour, so think of combinations of cobalt blue and midnight blue, which makes your interior look sleek and modern. You can echo this on the wall by painting it or in home accessories, like vases, candleholders and cushions. If you want to make a true statement, you can also opt for a midnight blue modular sofa, like our iconic Brandon modular.

Eetkamerstoelen met armleuningEetkamerstoelen met armleuning

Midnight blue interior

A cosy atmosphere

Of course, we already make the interior very super cosy during the holidays. All that cosy candlelight, decorations and full tables in your space. Many choose to replace all festive decorations with similar products while considering as many natural materials as possible. Make your space even cosier by pimping up the sofa with some soft decorative cushions and lots of throws to get ready for the winter dip. For wall coverings, use lots of warm colours, think ochre yellow and Folkorian earth tones.

Eetkamerstoel met armleuning 1Eetkamerstoel met armleuning 1
Eetkamerstoel met armleuning onder eettafelEetkamerstoel met armleuning onder eettafel

A minimalistic approach

Of course, during the holidays it's just natural to dress up your interior all the way to the tees with the prettiest Christmas ornaments, complete with a beautiful Christmas tree as a centrepiece. One choice is to decorate your interiors as minimally as possible again in January, this is also derived from bestselling author Marie Kondō. According to her, you'll be happier with the least possible clutter in your spaces. So only items that radiate happiness, which also bring peace back into the space. So consider some beige throws, chunky candlesticks and align your furniture as much as possible by using complementary colours in the layout. Tip: Keep a maximum of 3 items on your coffee table for the best effect.

Verschillende kleuren eetkamerstoelenVerschillende kleuren eetkamerstoelen

Natural tones

Need some interior decorating advice?

Would you like a complete makeover in your interior, but you don't know where to start? We are happy to help you with our free professional Interior Design Service. Read more about what to expect and make your appointment.