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- 1948 -

Shortly after WWII ends, Jacques and Dini Teunissen open a florist shop on the Overtoom boulevard in Amsterdam on 1 March 1948. They name their shop ‘Rivièra Bloemsierkunst’, after the northern coastal region of Italy bordering France, better known as the Flower Rivièra.

The Teunissens transform their shop into a prominent flower retailer specialising in bridal bouquets. They are commissioned to supply the flower decorations in honour of the 25th wedding anniversary of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard in the prestigious Amstel Hotel.

- 1960 -

The Teunissens open a second shop in Maasstraat, a street in the chique Amsterdam South district.

- 1975 -

In 1975, Henk joins his parents’ company and begins devoting his attention to the corporate market. Rivièra Bloemsierkunst supplies flowers to many leading companies.

- 1985 -

Henk Teunissen takes over the company. He buys a container-load of Asian pots while on holiday in Malaysia; the pots are an instant retail success. This marks the start of home decorations in the stores.

- 1989 -

Nico Tijsen, currently Creative Director, joins the company.

- 1997 -

The first store opens in Amsterdam’s Kalvertoren, an indoor shopping centre. The company’s name is officially changed to Rivièra Maison. The store offers a complete range of home and garden furniture and accessories. The distinctive Rivièra Maison atmosphere is fully expressed here: timeless and comfortable with a dash of elegance. The pace picks up after the Kalvertoren store opens, with new stores opening across the Netherlands.

- 2003 -

By this time, Rivièra Maison has quite a few stores of its own, as well as a successful network of dealers in the Netherlands and abroad. In January 2003, Rivièra Maison has its first stand at the Maison et Objet trade fair, the leading interior design event in Paris. The collection is a smash hit worldwide.

- 2006 -

Rivièra Maison is nominated for not one but four awards in 2006: the Annual Visa Retail Award, the Sanoma Woonawards for home decoration, the professional retail jury award for ‘Best Home Decoration Chain in the Netherlands’, and the international Global Innovation Award. Rivièra Maison is proud to accept the GIA trophy at the ceremony in Chicago.

- 2007 -

The chain’s flagship and its pride and joy opens in Amsterdam’s prestigious Van Baerlestraat. The Concept Store is the only branch in the Netherlands that offers valet parking. That same year, the RM brochure is transformed into a fully-fledged magazine packed with information about the new collection, shopping routes, interviews, home makeovers and styling tips. Four issues are published a year, timed to coincide with the seasons and the release of the seasonal collections..

- 2008 -

Rivièra Maison wins the country’s most acclaimed retail award: Best Chain Store in the Netherlands. The jury report praises the impressive, powerful overall concept: “As a brand with a vision, Rivièra Maison plays a pioneering role in the Dutch retail sector in lifestyle, inspiration and ambiance.”

- 2009 -

The first Flagship Store opens in Germany on Neuer Wall, Hamburg’s most prestigious shopping street. That same year marks Rivièra Maison’s first forays into Norway, with two large Rivièra Maison Stores openings, including a branch in the city of Bergen.

- 2010 -

The Rivièra Maison brand continues to grow, opening new stores and dealers in Germany and the Netherlands. Rivièra Maison can also be seen for the first time on Dutch TV  in the program "Life4You"

- 2011 -

To keep up with the trends in the online field, Rivièra Maison can now be followed via various Social Media channels. The collaboration with RTL4 is also expanding and the brand and the brand is coming back more and more on the TV.  

- 2012 -

Rivièra Maison is making a spurt of growth abroad with even more dealears and openings of new stores. 

- 2013 -

The seventeenth store in the Netherlands is a fact; the new concept store from Rivièra Maison is opened in Laren. The success in TV is also continued with the programs "Live4You" "Good Times Bad Times"and "Look at Living". In december practically all studios of live talk shows at RTL and SBS are provided with Rivièra Maison Christmas decorations. 

- 2015 -

Rivièra Maison's international activities outgrew the premises in Aalsmeer in The Netherlands, prompting a relocation of its headquarters, and showroom, to a magnificent new building in Amsterdam. All the logistics activities were also merged at a new distribution centre at the port of Amsterdam.

- 2016 -

In September the Rivièra Maison Flagship Store in Bergen, Norway opened its doors. The Flagship Store, with a surface area of 396 m², is located on the ground floor of Sartor Storesenter, situated 15km west of the centre of Bergen.

- 2017 -

Rivièra Maison expands in Germany; a new stores is opened in Stuttgart and the store in Hamburg is moving from the Neuer Wall to an even larger building on the Hohen Bleichen. The second RM Cafe can be found in the new store in Hamburg. 

- 2018 -

This year is all about the 70th anniversary of Rivièra Maison. Many collaborations have also been entered into, for example, special napkins have been designed for the LINDA Foundation. The entire profit was hereby donated to the foundation.