Discover the new Autumn Winter 2018 Collection





This romantic collection seems to come
straight from a powder box. The different shades
of nude and powder pink complement each
other beautifully and strengthen the feeling of
luxury, romance and femininity. 

Williamsburg, a trendy neighbourhood of the
New York City borough Brooklyn, is home to
artists and creative minds, innovators and
craftsmen, as well as communities of many different
backgrounds. Inspired by this neighbourhood, the
collection is made of sturdy materials such as cotton
and wool and radiates casual coolness. 

La Rue Mademoiselle, a street in the magnificent
metropolis Paris, was the source of inspiration
for the elegant textile collection in which wool
plays the leading role. The Parisian chic style is
characterized by soft colors with a vintage glow,
luxurious check patterns and a refined finish.

'I'm a rock star,' said Rihanna in 2009; these lyrics
are a perfect fit for the Rockstar collection. In stunning
army green and beige cotton and canvas, this
collection contributes a completely different look
this season. Large, wooden buttons add the final
touch to this sturdy collection.





This collection is inspired by the exquisite Milanese
opera house Teatro alla Scala. Beautiful fabrics such
as delicate baby velvet and faux fur are adorned
with firm embroidery and chic ribbons to emphasize
the opulent feel of the collection.


The Wetterstein mountain in the South of Germany is
with over 460kms of ski slopes one of the most famous
ski areas among Germans.The warm and soft fabrics;
fluffiness, woll and velvet combined with the colors wool
white, numerous shades of brown, and matching gray
of this collection show that lovely winter sports feeling. 



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