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The Hampton Heights Sofa is magnificent in its simplicity, with its rigid corners and straight lines. Together, this stylish sofa with the gold-detailed Copenhagen End Table and plant pot, lend this living room a chic appearance. The hue of the carpet creates a warm home decor ambience.  



Hampton Heights Sofa 3,5 seater, 
washed cotton, grey € 1,999.00

Cosy Casual Pillow Cover
white 50x50 € 42.95

Copenhagen End Table
€ 159.00

Plaza Isbilia Carpet 300x200
€ 359.00

Basic Brass Planter S
€ 9.95

Lindholm End Table,
60 diameter € 599.00

Happy Island Throw white
180x130 € 94.95

Basic Beac Hurricane 
€ 24.95




With this design you can imagine yourself in a summer beach house. The blue sofa evokes the aquamarine blue sea, the sandy-coloured carpet and the robust coffee table, together with the rattan stool and lounge chair, complete the beach effect. 



Rustic Rattan Formentera Stool 
€ 119.95

South Wimbledon Sofa 3,5
Seater, washed cotton, ice
blue € 2,299.00

Formentera Hide Away
Pillow Cover 50x50 € 59.95

Hollywood Studio Floor
Lamp L € 729.00

Beacon Hill Coffee Table 
extendable 140/180x80 cm, 
washed oak € 1,449.00

Camps Bay Candle Holder
L € 47.95

Berkeley Cake Stand
3 Levels € 189.00

Hennessy Lounge Chair,
Natural Grey € 359.00




DThe buffet cabinets in the West Broadway range are absolute eye-catchers in your home. Opt for the model with a steel frame, or one with storage space right to floor-level. Don't forget to put your own spin on the top of the cabinet; beautiful baskets are great to stash things away in, and look great too.  



West Broadway Buffet
Cabinet € 2,599.00

Rustic Resort Bowl
€ 119.00

West Broadway Glass
Cabinet € 2,399.00

Formentera Ocean Pillow Cover
50x50 € 47.95

Soerabaja Basket 
large € 47.95

Camp Bay Wine Cooler
€ 109.00

RM Wallpaper Oceans
Light Blue 2 € 59.95

Casablanca Pouf 50 diameter,
stripe € 139.00




Pink is in! With this design the colour pink is combined with vibrant, verdant plants, a natural occasional table, and a rattan stool, to create the ultimate bohemian setting. The rugs add the finishing touches, creating tranquillity within this space.  



Plaza Isbilia Carpet 300x200
€ 359.00

West Houston Sofa 3,5 seater,
velvet, blossom € 2,299.00

Amazone stool, teak
€ 119.00

Bristol Table Lamp
€ 119.00

French Glass Box 60x40
€ 159.00

Melilia Carpet 300x200
€ 359.00

Luscious Leaf Plate green 
€ 15.95

The Resort Stool 
€ 159.00




Light colours within your interior bring tranquillity to mind, and surely, light-coloured furniture and accessories in the spring are an absolute must. In this room the Franklin Park Wing Chair is combined with a brightly coloured painting to create a delightful summery feeling. In the other design room stands the magnificent La Hacienda Buffet Cabinet, a cabinet with a lot of storage space that brings to mind a Mexican Hacienda. Practical storage chests complement this buffet cabinet that contrast nicely with the white of the cabinet.  



Happy Island Throw taupe 180x130
€ 94.95

Franklin Park Wing Chair,
linen, flax € 1,549.00

La Hacienda Buffet Cabinet
€ 2,599.00

La Hacienda Wooden
Baskets € 319.00

Mayfair End Table 60 cm
diameter € 359.00

RM Classic Carafe S
€ 15.95

RM Bistro Salad Bowl
€ 47.95

Rustic Rattan Planter L
€ 69.95




The Crescent Sofa in comforting velvet fabric with ornate armrests stands in premium position within this classic interior style. The mango wood Devon Coffee Table complements the velvet sofa and stylish lamp base. The Franklin Park Wing Chair in the corner beckons you to while your time away in. 



Crescent Avenue Sofa 2,5 seater, 
velvet, olive € 1,899.00

Basic Bliss Pillow Cover grey
50x50 € 34.95

Devon Coffee Table 160x70 cm 
€ 1,099.00

Salinas Basket M
€ 34.95

Classic Amsterdam Vase
€ 94.95

Classic Tripod Lamp teak
large € 299.00

Classic Lampshade naturel
35x45 € 69.95

Franklin Park Wing Chair, velvet, 
olive € 1,549.00




Low buffet cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. Placing two cabinets alongside one another still provides you with plenty of storage space, and adding large branch decor will certainly draw the eye. Creative Director Nico Tijsen has the following styling tip: we've turned around the Mead Way Coffee Table High on this cabinet, with a glass vase filled with water on top of it, naturally. A large branch decor like that needs a large vase, of course. 



Wainscott Dresser 130 cm
€ 1,699.00

Mead Way Coffee Table High
€ 309.00

Spring Street Dresser
€ 949.00

Beach House Mirror 70x110cm
€ 479.00

Salinas Basket M
€ 34.95

RM Est. 1948 Vase With Handles
€ 69.95

The Club Bench 160 x 40 cm,
linen, flax € 649.00

Classic Knit Throw off white 170x130
€ 94.95




Pink is this season's on-trend colour. Make a statement in your home with a pink sofa and pink wall. With this design the combination of coffee and occasional tables in different types of wood creates a fanciful effect, with ample space for pretty decorative pieces.  



Hollywood Studio Floor
Lamp L € 729.00

Metropolis Sofa 3,5 seater, 
Velvet Blossom € 2,299.00

Basic Bliss Pillow Cover blue
50x50 € 34.95

Basic Bliss Pillow Cover pink
50x50 € 34.95

Lindholm Coffee Table
€ 949.00

Love RM Etagère
€ 42.95

San José Coffee Table
€ 729.00

RM Est. 1948 Hurricane M
€ 64.95




The brown South Wimbledon Sofa adds a natural look to this design. Together with the Monaco Side tables, with their functional shape and material, the silver-coloured coffee tables form a beautiful contrast. All in all, lending a gloriously opulent feel. 



South Wimbledon Sofa 3,5 Seater,
washed cotton, natural € 2,299.00

Monaco Sofa Table
€ 339.00

Upper Tree Coffee Table
€ 229.00

Formentera Ocean Pillow Cover
50x50 € 47.95

Happy Island Throw white 180x130
€ 94.95

Monaco End Table 
€ 359.00

Kensington Hotel Lobby Lamp
€ 189.00

Clavel Carpet 200x300 
€ 359.00




Apart from creating a lovely mix & match of dining chairs around a dining table, it's great to combine different coffee tables too. Mix & match different sizes and designs, whilst retaining the harmony. So, with this design the same hues of wood have been used. The darker sofa matches beautifully with the darker wood and complements the decor as a whole perfectly. 



Bowery Footstool, linen, flax
€ 219.00

San José End Table
€ 359.00

RM Rope Hurricane white
€ 24.95

Indigo Island Coffee Table, 
70 cm diameter € 479.00

West Houston Sofa 3,5 seater,
velvet, shadow € 2,299.00

Cosy Casual Pillow Cover flax
65x45 € 47.95

Medfield Coffee Table, 
70 cm diameter € 599.00

Casablanca Pouf 40 diameter,
dark green € 119.00




Do you prefer light or dark furniture in your home? Lighter coloured furniture pieces add freshness to a space, something which can be clearly seen in the design on the left, with the white table and the rattan chairs. Whereas darker furniture creates a starker contrast in a light space, which the design on the right depicts. This can be clearly seen in the room on the right with the darker armchairs and tables, in combination with the white walls and light carpet. 



Brookhaven Dining Table,
220x90 cm € 1,899.00

French Glass Box 30x30
€ 69.95

Harlem Armchair, pellini, coffee
€ 829.00

The Mark Floor Lamp
€ 479.00

Dune Deck Cafe Dining Armchair
€ 239.00

Desk Lamp Gloucester
€ 159.00

Shelter Island End Table Set of 3
€ 479.00

Classic Chevron Hurricane M
€ 42.95




Your television also deserves top billing within your interior design space, yet mustn't draw all the attention. You could, for example, hang it on the wall and surround it with paintings, making it just one of the elements of your wall decor. A lovely media unit underneath it provides the finishing touches. 



Classic Chevron Hurricane S
€ 27.95

Chelsea 1963 Flatscreen Dresser
€ 1,449.00

Blue Water Tray
€ 109.95

Mayland Photo Frame Triple
€ 94.95

Happiness Multiple Photo Frame
€ 69.95

RM Chalk Paint NO12 dockland
light blue 2,5L € 59.95

RM Wallpaper Anvers Linen Button
Café Noir € 59.95

Farmhouse Stool
€ 119.00




This design transports you to a delightful house somewhere on the beach or nestled among the dunes, to a charming hideaway. The light-coloured furniture, along with the copious light, create tranquillity and space. Not only is the Monaco Side Table highly practical with its spacious drawers, but it's also the perfect place to display all your favourite knick-knacks.  



Brooklyn Dining Table 220x90 cm
€ 1,999,00

Summer Shell Lantern M
€ 109.00

Precious Pleated Pillow Cover
flax 65x45 € 59.95

Monaco Side Table
€ 1,549.00

Rustic Resort Tray 45x35
€ 69.95

Weymouth Dining Chair, velvet, olive

Brianna Stone Washed Lampshade
beige 35x45 € 69.95

Lampbase L'Hotel Large
€ 129.00