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New collection

Yacht Club Deluxe


This ultra-chic contemporary collection is everything you dream of after the past winter months. It’s inspired by a summer regatta on the French Riviera, known for the glitz and glamour of its beautiful sands and luxurious beach clubs. The immaculate, elegant clothing style of the French is another source of inspiration: a crisp white linen blouse, a large flap hat, oversized sunglasses, and subtle gold accessories. The collection includes not only luxury furniture and homeware, but also beautiful beach towels and supplies for the ultimate dream day. The central colours are Ensign Blue, Flax, Whisper White, Bright White, and Blueberry, with silver and gold details. Ship ahoy!

The Brandon

A new kid on the block!
This season we are introducing the Brandon Sofa. This is a modular sofa series with which you can create your own perfect sofa. Keep is small with only one or two elements, of make it suitable for the entire family.

Een bijzonder detail aan de Brandon is dat je de leuning eenvoudig van voren naar achteren plaatst. Zet de leuning naar achteren voor het echte lounge gevoel.

Yacht club deluxe

Accessories complete the Yacht Club Deluxe theme. Finish off your interior with accessories made of glass and silver. These eye-catchers fit perfectly within that luxurious feeling of the French Riviera.

The collection includes detailed glass candle holders, silver photo frames and new Rivièra Maison must-haves.