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- Valentine's Day gift tips -

Everything for a romantic breakfast and more!

Love is in the air! The most romantic day of the year is near. A gift for your sweetheart and a romantic breakfast for two are absolute musts on Valentine's Day. Need some inspiration? Rivièra Maison would love to help you surprise your loved one.

Tip 1.

Add a cosy touch to your home

Who says we can only celebrate Valentine's Day for one day? We're currently stuck in a #staycation. So there's an extra reason to create a romantic atmosphere by adding a few simple accessories to your home. Light the candles, nestle down under a blanket together and swoon together at a romantic movie.

Tip 2.

Prepare a scrumptious and stylish breakfast

You can't start Valentine's Day better than by making breakfast for your sweetheart. After all, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. With stylish tableware, you can easily impress, on the bed or at the table, without spending hours in the kitchen.

Tip 3.

Last but not least: A gift!

Surprise your Valentine with a personal gift. Our tip? Make sure you pack your gift in style for that extra WOW effect. If that's not really one of your strong points, just pop your gift in one of our gift boxes. Success guaranteed!

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