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Urban Living

Urban living means sturdy, industrial furniture and vintage living accessories combined with a green touch. It is in fact a combination of industrial, urban and botanical living. Rivièra Maison's Urban Living is an interior style that can be lived in. You interior is made homely by the use of materials such as velvet. Tranquillity and ambience are created through the use of natural, sturdy materials and the green creates a calming and natural feel.

Green Houseplants

Green is an integral element of the Urban Living style. Houseplants in your interior help bring this style to lifeFor example, combine air plants with some decorative material in one of our glass display cases.These plants don't need soil or water; ideal for those of us who aren't green fingered!

Industrial Furniture

Homely, robust materials are a must in an industrial interior. They are the ultimate ambience enhancers, adding vibrancy to your interior. In this space they take the form of the wooden dining table in combination with the inviting, velvet dining chairs.

Living Room Decor

To ensure harmony in your living room, it's vital for the same style to be reflected throughout. Helping you to create peace and harmony in your interior. The perfect way to do this is using pieces of furniture from the same range. Take this dresser and side table from the Drivers Cove range; a homely range that combines glass and pine. Combine with matching candleholders from our collection and the picture is complete.