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The Ultimate Christmas Table

Christmas is the perfect time to be lavish with gifts. Good food and fun, but also to create the ultimate Christmas table! Get into the festive mood right away! It can't be more festive with all the lovely Christmas dinnerware. Cooking in the kitchen at Christmas time is always done with extra attention and love, so let all the delicious food come to its right on the beautiful Rivièra Maison Christmas tableware!

Enjoyment Together

A beautifully set table creates a festive atmosphere at the most beautiful time of the year. Moreover, all those tasty dishes come into their own just a little better on a tastefully decorated Christmas table. So pull out the best crockery, the most beautiful cutlery from the drawer and go for a suitable table runner. Finish it off with the most beautiful gold accessories as real eye-catchers. So you can linger longer, enjoying all that beauty together!

Create the look at home

Create the look at home