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- The Bushwick Series -

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Goes with everything

The Bushwick Collection really does go with everything. The beautifully finished wooden tabletops in the collection are made of recycled elm wood. This wood type gives a natural, weathered look&feel. Combined with the stainless steel base, this item makes your interior a sight for sore eyes.

Welke variant kies jij?

How do you style the Bushwick?

Alongside your modular sofa? Or perhaps in the dining room? It complements any space.

Why we love it

The Bushwick Collection is a source of pride at RM; this is "why we love it".

  • Complements any interior

  • Recycled elm wood

  • Protective layer against dirt and stains

  • Extensive choice within the collection

Wooden tabletops that will make your interior design heart beat faster

from studios and apartments to spacious houses

Bushwick coffee table

The Bushwick Triangle coffee table is a spectacular coffee table, in an unusual shape. The table is made of old elm wood inlaid with a herringbone pattern, set within a shiny stainless steel frame. Because the coffee table tapers, it looks fabulous combined with other pieces of furniture, for instance, nestled between two sections of a modular sofa.

Bushwick Dining table
Available in 180 and 220 cm

A dining table made of recycled elm wood, beautifully incorporated into the tabletop. An additional nice detail is the drawer on the table's short side. The chrome base gives the table a sleek and contemporary look&feel; chic, yet ideal for everyday use. Pair the table with one of our iconic dining chairs, for example, the Carnaby or the Laurel, for supreme comfort.

Bushwick Bar table 

New in the Bushwick Collection: a bar table. This table is the perfect height for standing at or sitting on a bar stool. The table consists of three parts with a top made of recycled elm wood that also features the iconic herringbone pattern. An additional nice touch: the extension side leaves can be folded down to save space when required. The frame is made of glossy stainless steel.

Bushwick Coffee table, set of 3

This Bushwick coffee table model is modular. The sleek, elm wood coffee table consists of three parts: a low, long and narrower table and two high, short and wider tables. For a dynamic layered effect, place the high tables over the low tables. Add some stylish bar stools to create the ultimate interior design.

Bushwick Sidetable, set of 2

Timeless and classic: these matching Bushwick side tables come in a set of two. Plus, the tables fit over each other. When the tables aren't in use, simply slide the smaller version under the larger one. The tables are also made of weathered, rustic elm wood and feature a sleek stainless steel base.

Bushwick Mirror

Available in 90 x 60 CM en 200 x 80 CM

The iconic herringbone pattern can be found throughout the Bushwick Collection. In addition to tables and floors, this classic pattern also appears in accessories, such as this beautiful mirror. This rectangular mirror is framed in old elm wood inlaid in a herringbone pattern. Like the rest of the Bushwick family, the edges are stainless steel. Besides being practical, this mirror is a real eye-catcher in your interior.

Bekijk de Jagger thuis
bij Stephsa

'Ik denk dat mijn favoriete meubelstuk onze Jagger sofa is. Ik vind het geweldig dat het een heel comfortabele bank is, maar wel een heel modern strak design heeft'.