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New collection

Rhythm Blues



The Rhythm Blues Collection is a symphony of blue and green shades combined with warm brown accents, inspired by the untouched and colourful cactus desert landscapes of South America. We’ve chosen to work with batik floral prints, weathered materials, natural woven fabrics, and transparent recycled glass. The central colours in this collection are Infinity Blue, Tortoiseshell, Folkestone Grey, Lichen Green, and Matcha, interspersed with light shades such as Flax and Whisper White. This collection will transport you to a whole different realm.

Verona Coffee Table S/3

The Verona Coffee Table is a set that consists of three tables. When put together, they form an oval table of 1.40 metres long, but the elements can be used separately as well. For example, as two side tables next to the couch or place two semi-circles together to make a complete circle. It’s up to you, so shuffle and vary as much as you want.

The tables are made of recycled elm wood with a metal frame. Tip: for maintenance, use the Premium Wood Care Kit.

Camille Sofa

The Camille Sofa is a gorgeous large sofa with a very wide seat.

What makes this sofa unique, is its double-sided back cushion. This back cushion is quilted in vertical lines on one side and smooth on the other.

The Camille Sofa 3.5 Seater is available in various colours and upholstery options.