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RM Identity Collection

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Essence and style of Riviera Maison

The RM Identity collection uniquely embodies the brand's essence and style. It goes beyond just furniture and accessories; it is a lifestyle that embraces comfort and sophistication.

The origins of RM

Warm accessories

From decorative cushions and plaids to sophisticated decorative items, each piece is carefully designed to blend harmoniously into different interior styles. Whether you like a classic look, a country feel or a more contemporary decor, the collection provides a variety of options to enrich your space.

For the perfect finishing touch

More inspiration

More from our new collection

From furniture in light shades to stylish accessories that you can completely cover the room with. Discover our new collection now.


Anna Nooshin collaboration

Discover and read more about our collaboration with Anna Nooshin

Del Rey cabinet

A brand new piece of furniture has come to our collection. Discover our first modular cabinet: the Del Rey