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Pre Launch

RM Classic

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Romance d'Amour

Let the Romance D'Amour collection sweep you off your feet. Off into the clouds, where time seems to stand still. This collection stands for contemporary luxury, romance and elegance.

Classic with a modern twist

Accessories are adorned in rich embroidery and prints. Fresh colours are used, with lots of white and contrasting blue, blackberry, black and gold accents. The ginger pots with a modern twist are particularly striking  in this collection. 

How to style

The RM Classic dining table

An extended family brunch on Sunday morning, or a celebratory dinner with your friends? With beautiful tableware and matching home accessories, every moment will be stylish and cosy! Especially for you, we've listed 6 style tips to create the perfect table setting you'll want to sit at for hours!

Tip 1.

Splurging on a stylish table setting? Then start of by taking a look at the basics. Go for a beautiful wooden dining table in combination with different dining chairs to add a stylish touch to your dining room right away.

Tip 2.

Choose dinnerware that complement your living style. We love the Romance d'Amour dinnerware! This set includes the different plates and bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hand-stamped, dark blue floral print takes everything you serve on it to the next level!

Tip 3.

Before you start setting the dinner table, choose some pretty napkins and placemats. These immediately add a luxurious and festive look to the dining table. Not only very cosy but also super handy when you accidentally spill food or drink.

Tip 4.

Of course, a beautiful cutlery set is a must. Gold cutlery provides an elegant touch and also matches beautifully with the gold details of the Romance d'Amour collection dinnerware!

Tip 5.

Candlelight on the table adds an extra cosy touch. Unique candleholders complete your set table! Choose candlesticks in different heights and shapes or votives on a beautiful decorative platter.

Tip 6.

With fresh flowers, you'll steal the show right away. Make your dining table extra inviting by decorating it with flowers in several small vases or a single large vase as a statement.

See how the Romance d'Amour dinnerware is made

From design to finished product.