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Create a loft-like decor

An industrial decor style has a rustic and rugged look with a vintage touch, created through the use of sturdy materials like recycled wood, old steel and leather. Emphasize the loft-like atmosphere by showing off the raw elements like bricks, concrete, and scaffolding pipes in your home. The combination of dark tones and different materials in both furniture and accessories results in a unique and playful interior. 

Robust materials in an industrial atmosphere

Cool materials such as steel and concrete are often used in the industrial decor style. That's why it is extra important to find the right balance in materials to achieve a warm atmosphere. Materials such as leather and faux leather exude an air of luxury and fit perfectly with the atmosphere of an industrial interior due to their timeless and tough character. The trendy velvet fabric is also a lovely addition to this style.

The basis for an industrial style

The colours of the materials forming the basis of an industrial look, also form the basis for the use of colour throughout the interior. The black of the steel, brown of the leather or the grey of the concrete is also echoed in the colours on the walls or the fabrics on the furniture. Would you like to use even more daring colours? Then choose strong colours such as ochre yellow, army green or dark blue. 

''The colours black, brown or grey earth tones form the basis to mimic the feeling of a loft or factory building.”


Furniture in an Industrial decor

A leather sofa, steel or recycled wooden dining table are examples of typical industrial furniture. Since the furniture matching this style of living is mainly made of raw and unprocessed materials, the colour palette is kept calm. Do not fill the room with too much furniture, but choose a few large eye-catchers to create a spacious atmosphere.

Tip: alternate industrial furniture with vintage-inspired items to give your interior more character and life.

Accessories in an Industrial decor

Industrial home accessories are about grand gestures, like a sturdy factory light, clock, metal sideboard, sturdy chairs or accessories made of steel and glass. Well-used materials characterize the accessories within the industrial living style. To create more warmth, choose velvet cushions or a textured rug.

Industrial in 3 different areas


Dining room

Choose a robust dining table and sturdy chairs to create an industrial atmosphere in the dining room.
For example, the combination of mango wood and black metal gives your interior that timeless look that's easily combined with other decor styles. Choose leather or faux leather dining chairs for the absolute industrial look. For a playful contrast, go for velvet chairs that add lots of warmth to your dining area. To add that finishing touch to your space, depending on the length of your table, hang one or two steel pendant lights above the dining table.

Living room

When you think of an industrial living room, you think of large furniture, raw materials and dark and bold colours. In the living room, choose a single large eye-catcher such as a striking light, cabinet or a lovely sofa. Because in an industrial style, the rule is; Less is more. Create a playful effect and break through the clean lines by choosing a round-shaped coffee table in something like metal or recycled wood.


We can find an industrial look not only in the living room, but in the bedroom too. With simple industrial elements, you can turn your bedroom into a place where you can relax. For an industrial look, an attractive colour palette is essential. Earthy tones such as beige, green and taupe form the basis. Metal and leather accents, like in the rest of the house, should not be missing either. For example, choose a metal industrial lamp on your bedside table.

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