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New Collection

The loft

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Robust and stylish

The Identity collection by Riviera Maison is the perfect example of a softer and more playful industrial style using different colours and textures. With an loft decor style, it is important to find the right mix of materials and colours to create a warm atmosphere. Add warmth by choosing fake fur, velvet or leather. The same goes for colours: alternate dark tones with neutral and atmospheric nuances.

A mix of organic shapes

In addition to different colours and materials, play with shapes in your interior. This collection is a mix of organic shapes and sleeker furniture and accessories. When you mix different geometric shapes, it creates a natural balance and a dynamic look in your interior.

Sturdy look & feel

Go big and choose, for example, a sturdy oval dining table made of wood and combine it with different dining chairs. With an oval dining table you can easily create more seating and add loads of atmosphere. Complete your industrial living style with a sleek buffet cabinet for all your dinnerware and favourite accessories.

Playful & contemporary

Create playfulness in your living room by choosing modular sofa elements made of different materials, but in the same colour tone. Looking for an extra playful result? Then try putting several coffee tables together in the seating area for a surprising result. Metal gives a rugged and sturdy look where wood adds more warmth.

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