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ECO Candles - light it up!

Get your home winter-ready with our new ECO candles

ECO friendly candles


This season, we have something new, and we are very proud of it. Sustainable candles! These candles are made of recycled stearin. However, these candles burn differently due to the use of this raw material. For example, the candles have a somewhat higher and clearer flame, and the sides don't melt away completely. So you can enjoy them for even longer!

The ECO candles are available as high or low stump candles and dinner candles. The dinner candles come in a set of four.

Why we love it


Curved candlesCurved candles
  • Made from raw material with a Nordic Swan certificate.
  • The origin of the substance is fully traceable
  • The candles have a minimal soot index, contain no phthalates, no heavy metals and no perfume/perfumes.
  • Based on recycled stearin.

  • They are tested on quality and safety according to European norms.

  • GMO-free if plant-based, but for now it is
    not possible to use vegetable-based wax


Candles and candleholdersCandles and candleholders

Twisted candles


Our twisted candles are not completely ECO, but they are handmade! The candles are hand turned and hand dipped, and above all - very nice! With these twisted candles, you can dine in style. The dinner candle set consists of four candles, each of which can burn for 9 hours. No candlestick at hand? The candles are also available in stylish cone shape, which you can just put on the table.

Tip: to prevent soot formation, it is best to cut the wick as close as possible to the candle before you light the candle for the first time.

Candles and candleholdersCandles and candleholders