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Design Your
Home Days

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Our Design Your Home Days are on: the perfect opportunity to give your home an upgrade! Take advantage of our furniture promotion now and get an accessory gift voucher worth €100 for every €500 you spend on furniture. That makes it easy to combine your new furniture with matching accessories! 

A look inside Lizzy's & Yuki’s home

Take a look inside the stunning Amsterdam home of Lizzy van der Ligt (fashion stylist, @lizzyvdligt) and Yuki Kempees (muziekartiest, @yuki.indy), who live together with their daughter Jagger. They have chosen the Brandon Sofa with colourful accessories. We love it!

How would you describe your interior?

''Colourful and extravagant; our interior is a collection of new and unique items we have collected over the years, such as a vintage find from India.''

- Lizzy & Yuki

The Brandon
Suitable for every room

Why did you choose The Brandon?

''The Brandon is the perfect sofa for us! Besides the ultimate in seating comfort, the sofa has a special detail, an adjustable backrest, so you can easily adjust it in two positions forwards and back. And it also consists of completely separate elements, so you can compose your own sofa and make it as big as you want!''

- Lizzy & Yuki

Giveaway time

Helemaal weg van de Brandon? Dan hebben we goed nieuws! Je kunt hem nu winnen. Wat moet je doen?

How do you create a cosy atmosphere?

''The Brandon sofa forms a tranquil and stylish base in our home. With colourful decorative pillows in pastel colours, like butter yellow and baby blue, we bring instant colour to the sofa for a fresh and homey look!''

- Lizzy & Yuki

Riviera Maison keuken Lizzy & YukiRiviera Maison keuken Lizzy & Yuki
Riviera Maison keuken Lizzy & YukiRiviera Maison keuken Lizzy & Yuki
Riviera Maison keuken Lizzy & YukiRiviera Maison keuken Lizzy & Yuki

What is your favourite place in the house?

''Our favourite place in the house is the kitchen, that's where we spend most of our time as a family. The heart of the kitchen is our long dining table, which can seat up to fourteen people. More than enough room for a delicious dinner with all our friends!''

- Lizzy & Yuki

Riviera Maison keuken Lizzy & YukiRiviera Maison keuken Lizzy & Yuki
Riviera Maison keuken Lizzy & YukiRiviera Maison keuken Lizzy & Yuki
Riviera Maison keuken Lizzy & YukiRiviera Maison keuken Lizzy & Yuki

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of Lizzy & Yuki


Design Your Home Days
x Roos Reedijk

For the Design Your Home Days, we joined forces with Roos. Roos Reedijk is an Dutch interior decorator. A typical Rose interior? A characterful atmosphere in which colour is indispensable!

Rivièra Maison styled
by Roos Reedijk

The Dutch Interior stylist Roos Reedijk visited one of our stores and shared her ultimate styling tips. Are you reading along?

Favourites by

Receive a Gift Voucher to buy your favourite accessories (for free) with every € 500,- of furniture purchased. Check out our furniture in stock now!

Styling tip 1. Play with the sofa arrangement

With the Brandon, you can put together the ideal sofa that fits perfectly into your interior in no time. Create a playful arrangement by placing a coffee table between two modular Brandon elements. Style it all with a single eye-catcher on your coffee table, like a pot with a houseplant, to create the right balance.

Styling tip 2. The multifunctional side table

Convenient when you don't have much room for a big coffee table; a side table that you simply slide over the sofa. Not just practical, but perfect to display your favourite accessories on too.

Want to create a grand effect in your home?

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Styling tip 3. Play with height differences

People often tend to push the sofa against the wall. By positioning the sofa slightly forward, you create a spacious feeling and optical depth. Then you have room for a side table behind the sofa, for example. Decorate this with accessories like a beautiful painting and a stylish lamp for a grand effect in the home.

Styling tip 4. Add colour

If you don't want to use too much colour in the basis, you can choose to add colourful accessories that match the season. Playful colour accents enhance a calm base and at the same time, create an exciting contrast.

Styling tip 5. Add a personal touch 

As a finishing touch, add personal items and vintage finds. With the combination of new furniture and personal accessories, the interior just breathes you!

Do you go for colour?