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- Cooking Gift Sets -

Perfect as a gift but also a treat just for you!

This season, Rivièra Maison is introducing the Cooking Gift sets. These are cooking sets in beautiful gift packaging. Ideal as a birthday gift or for the holidays!

Urban Lodge BBQ Tools

Hang our jaunty Sailboat Mirror in your holiday home or nursery and immediately create a nautical atmosphere. It takes the shape of a boat and is made from strong, natural materials like mango, glass and silver-coloured aluminium. A knotted piece of rope from which to hang it adds the perfect finishing touch.

Rivièra Maison Gift Set Urban Lodge BBQ ToolsRivièra Maison Gift Set Urban Lodge BBQ Tools

Summer Breeze Salad Bowl & Tossers

Do you know someone who loves to picnic? Our Summer Breeze Salad Bowl & Tossers come in a gift box for a lovely, practical, summertime present. Made of health-safe plastic, the tossers have an attractive rounded form, balanced with white stripes on the handles that are reflected in the bowl.

Cold Drinks Lover Jug & Glasses Set

What we love on those long, warm summer days is a cold, refreshing drink. Our plastic Cold Drinks Lover Jug and the two green-tinted glasses that fit into the jug provide just that. This set is accompanied by a beautiful gift box and makes a lovely, practical present.

Rivièra Maison Gift Set Cold Drinks Lover Jug & Glasses Rivièra Maison Gift Set Cold Drinks Lover Jug & Glasses

Cocktailicious Glass & Stick

Set of 2 pieces
Time to relax on a sun lounger and sip a cocktail while having a good conversation. Accompanied by an elegant gift box, these gold-rimmed Cocktalicious glasses are a star choice. With their graceful stems, the RM logo on the stirrer, a hint of gold stars on the side and a gift box, this is an ideal present to show someone how much you care.

Pizza Lovers Serving Set

Smell the scent emanating from the pizza oven drifting through the garden—time to cut and serve the pizza. Our sturdy Pizza Lovers Serving Set is made from black, painted stainless steel, with our logo in gold-coloured lettering. It will see you through many a delicious pizza. Accompanied by a gift box, this is the perfect present for any pizza lover.

Rivièra Maison Gift Set Pizza Lovers ServingRivièra Maison Gift Set Pizza Lovers Serving

RM Classic Cocktail Set

Attention cocktail lovers! You can now make your favourite cocktails at home with this exclusive cocktail set. This set contains everything you need to get started at home. The set consists of four parts, all made of stainless steel with an engraving of the logo in the cocktail shaker. That is guaranteed to be a fun evening, cheers!

Le Club Gin & Tonic

Set Of 2 pieces
It's even more fun to drink homemade cocktails from beautiful glasses. This glass set with an eye for detail is perfect for serving delicious gin and tonics. The set consists of two gin and tonic glasses including matching straws. The glass straws make it extra special because of the white and gold lines. A real eye-catcher on the table!

Italian Pasta Set 4 pieces

With this gift set you are always right, because who doesn't love pasta? A set with good accessories to serve a delicious homemade pasta. The Italian Pasta Set consists of four handy tools with which you can prepare and serve pasta in the blink of an eye. Perfect to give away, because the set comes in a beautiful gift box!

Chef de Cuisine Mashed Potatoe Set

Do you prefer a traditional Dutch meal? Then this Chef de Cuisine Mashed Potatoes set is really something for you. With this set you have all the tools at home to prepare the tastiest (potato) puree. The set contains an extra-large pestle, a peeler and a wooden ladle with black handle.

Chef De Cuisine Baking Set

Last but not least: dessert! Perfect for home baking such as a delicious apple pie. This beautiful, black gift box consists of two mini springform pans, a silicone pan scraper and a wooden rolling pin with sturdy, black handles. If you are smart you give this set to family or friends, then you know for sure that there will be something delicious on the table next time! Enjoy!