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- Industrial Kitchen - 

Dining in style

A delicious dinner with family or friends is so much more enjoyable on a beautifully set table. You need a feast for the eyes as well after all! Add that little extra bit of character to your table with the Modern Naturals tableware. This bold table service consists of various plates, platters and bowls in delightful green and grey hues. Combine the service with darker coloured table accessories for a fancy look.

Mat black accents

Combine rugged and natural materials together to create this look. Soft turquoise shades and rugged matte black items go well together. Take, for example, the Biarritz place mat, made of thunder-dyed seagrass. A real eye-catcher on the table.

Turquoise Shades

The Aix and Provence collection perfectly matches a table set in style. The turquoise colours of the dinner service are inspired by shades of the Mediterranean. The crockery is handmade and therefore adds a playful effect. In different sizes of plates and bowls to dress up the breakfast table, lunch and dinner table. 


The glassware, like glasses and water jugs, is available in the same shades of colour as the crockery. This allows you to create a lovely and complete set table. The glasses and bottles are made of smoked glass, and are made entirely by hand, so each item is unique.

Mix & match the different colours and materials together, for a true Modern Naturals look!