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The perfect Christmas table

The Christmas season is approaching and that means getting together with family or friends for delicious cooking and dining. But how do you decorate the perfect Christmas table? What dinner service and cutlery do you use, and just how much is the right amount of decoration? Don't worry, we'll help you out and show you how to make a truly unique Christmas table.

Bourgeois dining

Sparkling gold, bold silver and, above all, warm hues present you with the colour palette this Christmas season. This is the perfect starting point for decorating your Christmas table. For your dinnerware, use our timeless gold cutlery for the rest, dress it up with our classic plates and bowls. For an extra twist, put a gift from our advents calendar on each guest's plate, and return to the bourgeois era in 1900 for a Christmas dinner to remember. 

Festive elegance

Decoration galore

Some mini pine trees, candleholders complemented with festive candles, and finish it off with some pine branches: lots of decoration on your Christmas table is an absolute must-have. For added contrast, pair our sparkling mini pine trees with lots of waxlight holders. Thus, you place your guests in a complete winter wonderland. 

Exceptional tablecloths

Besides all the splendour of luxurious decorative accessories combined with fine dinnerware, a top-quality tablecloth is the star on the tree. In some darker rooms, use a lighter tablecloth for better contrast or make your Christmas table really stand out with some bold colours like burgundy red, keeping the Christmas spirit perfectly alive. There really is a matching tablecloth for every table, giving your table that extra je ne sais quoi.

Splendid dinnerware