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Amstel Boathouse


The Amstel Boathouse is a place where relations, food and drinks come together. Nothing is more satisfying than to be together at a place where meals, drinks and the decor strengthen each other.

The Amstel Boathouse offers something for each individual. Because there is a variable selection of dishes, ‘From the Water’ and ‘From the Land’, it makes it easier to choose something that suits your taste palate. Enjoy your meal on our charming verandah with a lovely view of the Amstel. Our wharf allows you to dock your own boat and find a cosy spot to enjoy the sunset.

We also offer a seasonal menu with tasty products from that time of the year. Give yourself a treat and surround yourself in nature.

Amstel Boathouse

Amsteldijk 223

1079 LK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 555 22 24 33


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