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‘Casale della Luna' is the perfect hideaway in the hills of Tuscany near to Pisa and Florence. This exceptional villa has been carefully designed and furnished by Rivièra Maison! 'Perfectly imperfect' took central stage in the design.

This beautiful villa was once a farm and is almost 100 years old. It was very important for the owners to preserve the charm of the house. And that was the reasoning behind using many robust and natural materials. The subtle combination of old and new connects nostalgia and warmth with the clean lines and fresh look of today. A calm and natural colour palette, in mainly green, brown and grey tones, was also chosen, bringing the outdoor feeling inside and creating an informal atmosphere.

Casale della Luna has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a spacious living room. The villa also has a large swimming pool with a fantastic 360-degree view over the Tuscan hills. In a nutshell: a lovely place and perfect base from which to explore memorable Tuscany!

Hotel Casale della Luna

Santa Luce, Tuscany

+32 494 888 143


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