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New Arrivals: RM Identity 

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Warmth and serenity at Riviera Maison

The RM Identity collection brings together style and comfort. Enrich your interior with a harmonious balance of timeless furniture and sophisticated accessories. The combination of dark wood and light accents creates warmth and serenity in your home. The chillier it is outside, the cozier it becomes inside. Let the candles flicker atmospherically, wrap yourself in a luxurious plaid and embrace the cosy ambiance indoors.

A homely feeling

Unique & more sustainable

Riviera Maison places great importance on crafting distinctive and more sustainable furniture, allowing each item to tell its own story. Discover, for example, the Fraser Island sideboard: this cabinet not only adds warmth and character to your interior, but also offers practical storage space. The wooden sideboard is made of high-quality recycled mango wood, making each cabinet unique and more sustainable.

Get inspired and bring timeless elegance to every corner of your home with all the new furniture from the new arrivals!

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An enchanting charm

No detail has been overlooked in the new arrivals of the new spring collection; from tableware with beautiful details to chic vases. Looking for a table lamp with a beautiful design? The Finley Bulb brings functionality and style together. A new addition to Rivièra Maison's range are the untreated Rattan accessories. Because the Rattan remains untreated, the items have a natural, light colour, making them a timeless addition to your collection. Complete your interior with the versatile charm of our latest home accessories.

Refined accessories

More inspiration

More from our new collection

From furniture in light shades to stylish accessories that you can completely cover the room with. Discover our new collection now.


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