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Warranty & Service

For furniture, the guarantee period is three years. All other products are guaranteed for a term of one year. Discounted accessories and show models are not guaranteed and cannot be exchanged.

Dishwasher Safe


The Rivièra Maison cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher. There are stickers on the glasses to indicate whether the item is dishwasher-safe or not. On the Rivièra Maison crockery, this indication appears on the bottom of the item. However, we recommend that you wash all the items by hand.

Information about Cover Sitting furniture


You can wash almost all of the covers in cold water and then give them a short spin. We do not advise you to put your covers in the dryer. Cotton and linen covers always shrink by about 3 to 5%, even if the material is pre-washed. We advise you to replace the covers on to the furniture while they are still damp, as the material will stretch slightly better and you will limit the extent of shrinkage. Bear in mind that all the covers from the East Coast range have been given an anti-stain treatment at the factory and this will disappear after washing. N.B.! If a cover should not be washed, this will be stated on the label. These covers should be dry-cleaned only.