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Cosy Christmas

Create the cosy feel of a winter chalet in your own home with our Cosy Christmas interior design style. This style, brimming with warm fabrics and muted grey and white tints, provides for the ultimate, cosy Christmas feeling.

Decorate the Christmas tree with white baubles and Rustic Rattan Christmas ornaments, in various shapes and sizes. The rattan adds warmth and the white baubles stand out nicely among the tree's green foliage.

Create the look at home

Cushions on the sofa

Replace the cushions on your sofa to match the season, to effortlessly create a new style in your living room. In the winter, opt for cushions in warm materials and soft fabrics. The white hue of the cosy textile collection brings a chic ski resort in the mountains to mind.

Christmas baubles

Decorate your Christmas tree with your favourite baubles from our collection. Create stunning combinations using a range of colours, materials and designs. Opt for glass and white baubles, and gift-shaped Christmas ornaments. Will the 2019 Christmas tree be your best one yet?!

Create the look at home