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- Classic kitchen - 

Bring Provence into your home with the Fabulous Flowers Collection!

Lovers of a flowery table, eat your heart out! This table service will help transform your dining table into a stylish colour palette. The floral shapes combined with the delightful relief make the Fabulous Flowers dinner service truly unique. Read more about what makes this Fabulous Flower Collection so special.


The most striking thing about this series is the floral shapes. These can be found in the shapes of the crockery, vases and candle holders. The crockery is available in pink and green tones. With these beautiful colours combined with the floral shapes, you'll feel like you're in Provence, the area on which this collection is based.

Not only the shapes of the crockery is reminiscent of a flower, but the special handmade relief in the crockery contributes to this too.


Not only the crockery, but other accessories within this collection also contain unique details. This collection includes a ceramic candle holder shaped like an open flower. The ornate details of this collection are not only reflected in the shape of a flower, but other shapes such as a bow can also be found in this collection. Add the finishing touch to your table with the accessories in this collection, and turn your breakfast, lunch or dinner table into an elegant and colourful masterpiece.

Mix and match your favourite items to our heart's content and enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner in style!