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Trend of the moment

A colour palette that includes Maroon, Crimson and Scarlet reds, a classic or just a bold Christmas look, and the first Christmas in 2 years when we can all be together again in larger numbers. We have listed the ultimate Christmas trends of the moment.

Crimson Aura

Romantic, bold and feminine: that's what Crimson Aura describes, and it will be used abundantly this Christmas. These elements can be derived from well-known series such as Bridgerton and Victoria. So, the colour palette consists mainly of champagne pink, Crimson red, pearl and winter white. Decorations to match this include candle holders, rustic candles and cushions with festive designs and motifs. A feeling of rouge and bliss, bathing in rose petals and above all, romantic.

Scarlet red shades

All together

Without restrictions, we can be happy together this year, in this bizarre time of crises, to celebrate the festive season. After spending 2 years in a pandemic, we all long for companionship and togetherness. With the household, family and friends: in fact, everyone we love. Decorate your interior with classics from the Christmas collection and true eye-catchers like red and white Christmas ornaments.

Neutral hues

A trend that has its peaks and valleys, but will never disappear in your interior: neutral tones. A colour palette consisting of off-white, earth brown and silver brings your interior to life. From sandy, festive decorative cushions to many popular rattan items, how do you decorate with natural hues for Christmas?

Natuurlijke look