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Blue & Bold

Go for a bold interior style and choose the colour blue! Blue is a cool colour, yet still provides warmth when combined with cosy materials such as soft velvet and fine cotton. A stylish blue sofa, blue cushions and glimmering gold and silver details complete the Blue & Bold look.

Blue Christmas Baubles

Blue Christmas baubles in a green Christmas tree really stand out! Togeter with white, silver and glass baubles, a Christmas tree with blue decorations is a true eye-catcher. Our collection has lots of Christmas baubles in various shapes, like stars, hearts and Christmas trees.

Create the look at home

Blue home accessories

For the Blue & Bold interior style, choose for matching blue home accessories and silver items. Silver supplies that chic, shiny effect, giving your living room an instant upgrade. And of course, industrial accessories in dark colours should be there too. These make a stunning contrast with the cool blue and silver tints.

Create the look at home