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An advent calendar to (love) keep

Can you feel it yet? The holidays are getting closer and closer, and we are ready to surprise you yet again with our 7-day advent calendar! In addition to being exclusive to our collection, this advent calendar is more than just beautiful gifts, like in our 24-day advent calendar. Find out more below!



With the 7-day Advent calendar, the countdown is even more fun, namely during the week of Christmas. Extra festive!

Luxury gift box

Large, luxurious gift box to place under the Christmas tree  (36,5×36,5×36,5cm)



Perfect as Christmas gift

A special and decorative gift for all your beloved colleagues or family and friends!





Did you know that this advent calendar contains an exclusive collection? This also makes this advent calendar a true collectors item, so nice! In addition, all 7 gifts make a great Christmas decoration selection!

Check it out below!


The 7-day advent calendar is typified by its packaging and looks. The box comes as a luxury gift, so to speak, containing individually wrapped boxes. The boxes feature Amsterdam's iconic canal houses. 


Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it? When you unwrap your last present on the 7th day, you will notice that you have since collected a very cosy, snug little village! The packages are made in the shape of the typical Amsterdam canal houses, which you can use as beautiful Christmas decorations for your home. Place the houses side by side on the windowsill and look out over the cosiest Christmas village!