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- 3 tips for a festively decked Easter table - 

Give your house extra atmosphere and don't forget that beautifully set Easter table!

Easter, the best time to enjoy family, lots of good food, and conviviality. What do you prefer to eat in the morning? Whether you love a hearty breakfast, or you're a real sweet tooth, we have the right tableware! As well as plates, dishes and bowls, the collection also has beautiful etagères. Choose for luxury linen serviettes and add nice serviette rings for a finishing touch.

Tip 1.

Festive dinner-service

Of course, an Easter table includes a festive dinner-service. And you don't have to only g for traditional yellow. Choose festive crockery that suits you, whether it's colourful or not.

Tip 2.

Crack an egg

'Break the day. Crack an egg'. Egg cups in the shape of a chicken and Miss the Rustic Rattan Miss Chicken Egg holder are obviously indispensable on the Easter table. When they see these items, you're sure to bring a smile to every face in the family.

Tip 3.


Add the finishing touch to the table with stylish accessories. Like using a cake stand to display the goodies. And include a nice wine cooler. Perfect for holding a bottle of bubbly, but also nice to keep the juices cool.

Happy Easter!